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Honiton gym floor


Honiton gym floor


Honiton gym floor


Honiton gym floor


Our values

At OJ Gyms, we take great pride in creating a sociable, warm, and supportive community for everyone to enjoy. Our gyms have been purposefully shaped to be inclusive, with a focus on building and nurturing local communities while providing a diverse range of fitness options.

Whether you identify as a seasoned weightlifting enthusiast, a dedicated runner, or someone taking the first steps in their fitness journey, our gyms are thoughtfully designed to cater to your needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the presence of state-of-the-art cardio equipment, well-appointed studio spaces, and variety of machines in our weights section. With our flagship gym in Honiton offering additional luxury amenities.

Our gyms

Each of our gym locations carries a distinct and innovative theme. This thoughtful design element adds a unique touch to your fitness experience, ensuring that your time at OJ Gyms goes beyond the ordinary. Join us in a space where inclusivity, support, community, and fitness industry expertise are at the heart.

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Our story

The OJ Gyms adventure started in 2016, when Ollie and George set the foundation for their first community-focused gym in Cranbrook. Fuelled by their passion for the fitness industry and their love for Devon, their vision was to share their expertise and create a welcoming space for everyone.

By 2019, Cranbrook evolved into a community hub, with the growing demand Ollie and George expanded the gym space into the building next-door. This expansion resulted in the creation of an even larger, community favourite gym, complete with added classes and an impressive cardio space.

In 2020, OJ Gyms ventured into Sidmouth, unveiling a distinctive, yellow-themed gym with a large variety of equipment.

The year 2021 saw Ollie and George’s relentless efforts in bringing a third OJ Gym to life in Axminster. Transforming an old, vacant warehouse into a fully equipped community favourite gym within just a short 20 weeks. Later in 2021 the introduction of ‘The Box’ in Sidmouth, a unique space for various fitness classes, marked a significant milestone in the expansion of the OJ Gym brand.

In 2022 OJ Gyms reached new heights with the creation of the HQ gym in Honiton. The innovative jungle theme quickly became a customer favourite. This expansion solidified OJ Gyms as the fastest-growing fitness company in Devon.

Additionally in 2022 the iconic Cranbrook location underwent a significant revamp with a refit. During the refurbishment Ollie and George restored the equipment and revamped the gym space, plus added an extra dose of the famous orange branding.

In 2023, the Axminster OJ Gym underwent a significant move to a new and spacious building. The revamped gym now offers more space, an innovative blue theme branded ‘the madhouse’ where everyone is welcomed by the passionate team and friendly users.



OJ Fitness is the best gym around! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Everyone makes you feel welcome and comfortable. They have some fantastic personal trainers that will help you with, not only creating a workout plan but also with your nutrition too. There’s not a single member of staff that I wouldn’t recommend, they are all fantastic!

My PT Charlie Hawkins is absolutely fantastic! He’s so supportive of me, we have so much fun during our sessions, while still working hard! If your not a member of OJ’s then what are you doing?!? Get yourself signed up!! 🤩

Kiera O’Connor

The equipment is top-notch, providing a wide range of options for any workout routine. The staff here are exceptional—they create a welcoming atmosphere.

My personal trainer, Jess, is simply incredible—knowledgeable, supportive, and dedicated to helping me achieve my fitness goals. The guidance and encouragement I receive here make each session a rewarding experience. Highly recommend this gym for anyone seeking a fantastic fitness environment.

imie Mitchinson

A very friendly gym which has a community feel. I never feel out of place or feel that I am not good enough. The staff are all very informative and approachable and always keen to help if needed. From the moment I joined, I was welcoming and encouraged. The classes are hard work but most of all they are fun that you often forget how much work you have put in until you try to walk down the stairs to leave!!

I didn’t think I’d have the staying power or commitment to keep attending a gym but at OJ Fitness, I have found more than just a gym, I’ve found friends, support and encouragement, and a gym where I belong and don’t feel out of place in.
I’d highly recommend Oliver Joseph Gym in Cranbrook.


Have been training here for a year now. Has all the equipment you need, the feel round the gym is amazing, the staff are brilliant and everyone is so friendly! What is brilliant is it’s never to busy so you’re not waiting around for equipment like bigger commercial gyms. One of my favourite gyms!!

Zachary Ponsford